Grass Fed Beef

Highland beef really is a cut above. The thick Highland coat helps insulate against our winters, thus reducing the need to develop excess back fat. The result is tender, well marbled, flavourful beef. Independent testing has shown that Highland beef is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol - and higher in protein, iron and omega-3 fatty acids than commercial beef.

Our Highlands are raised stress-free on pasture, supplemented only with sun-cured hay in winter months. They also have access to a vitamin-mineral mix. No grain (except as the very occasional lure/training treat), ionophores, routine antibiotics or hormones. A full health record of each animal is available to our customers upon request.

Highland beef takes time. We've found that taking them to 42+ months is optimal for developing both richness and marbling. Our animals are butchered in the fall of each year, finished on native grasses. The beef is dry aged for 21 days for optimal flavour and tenderness. Vacuumed packaged. Please note we are only able to offer our beef for sale within Saskatchewan, Canada.


Halves and wholes are $5.25/lb based on the hot hanging weight. Quarters are the same, plus a $10 charge to split the side. Whole and halves can be custom cut to your specifications (processing costs for patties & sausage are extra). Quarters are available as “mixed” quarters – meaning that you will get an equal number of our standard cuts from both the front & hind quarter.

Our average hot hanging weight is 700 lbs for a whole.


Half Highland Beef - 7.0 Cubic Feet
Whole Highland Beef - 15.7 Cubic Feet


Please contact us with any questions or to order. Delivery and pickup options available.

Phone: 306.485.3020
BlackPowder Cattle Company Scottish Highland Cattle in FieldBlackpowder Scottish Highland Cattle in FieldBlackpowder Cattle Company Scottish Highland Cattle
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