Calf out of Crimson Rose

Name of cow: xxxxx of Black Powder

Tattoo#: BPC xxJ
Registration Number: Pending
Date of Birth: TBD
Price: TBD

We will provide a description of the calf once born and when their personality shines through.

Sire: Craigellachie of Tatlayoko [CAN]16764
Craigellachie of Tatlayoko is owned by the Tatlayoko Fold with Eliza Mitchell at the helm. Crimson was exposed to this bull before we brought her home and we are hoping she took.
Dam: Crimson Rose of Tatlayoko [CAN]16744
Crimson is a smaller sized cow that recently joined our fold. She is light red in colour and has glorious long dangling hair tufts that look like earrings.
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