Juno of Black Powder

Colour: Silver Dun

Tattoo#: BPC 15J
Registration Number: N/A
Date of Birth: 25 May 2021
Price: $1500

We will provide a description of the calf once born and when their personality shines through.

Sire: Valley Choice 21F [CAN]17763
We call him Buster Brown. This well mannered young bull has really proved himself this year. He had a lot of ladies to cover and he did not disappoint. Buster loves to greet you at the fence, especially if you are holding a bucket. He is the larger of our two bulls and is very well put together.
Dam: Valley Choice 7F [CAN]17773
Foxtrot is a medium sized heifer that is having her first calf this year. She is black in colour and is easy to pick up by her forward facing horns.
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