Calf out of Fern

Name of cow: xxxxx of Black Powder

Tattoo#: BPC
Registration Number: Pending
Date of Birth: TBD-Due Date: Jul 7
Price: TBD

We will provide a description of the calf once born and when their personality shines through.

Sire: Valley Choice 2F [CAN]17826

We call him Wooly Wade. This very friendly young bull had an opportunity to cover a small group of heifers last year and he proved he is ready for the big leagues this year. He got his name due to his love of wading in the water trough. He can often be found lazing around in his own personal bath tub on hot summer days.  He is the smaller of our two bulls and is very well put together.
Dam: Valley Choice 12F [CAN]17760
Fern is a medium sized heifer that is having her first calf this spring. She is black in colour.
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